Sonya Girdler

Sonya Girdler

Professor, Director of the Curtin Autism Research Group (CARG)
Perth, Western Australia

Sonya Girdler is a Professor of Occupational Therapy and Director of the Curtin Autism Research Group (CARG) in Perth, Western Australia.  

CARG is one of the largest autism research groups in Australia and is committed to undertaking research of importance to autistic individuals and the autistic community.  Sonya oversees all of the research activities and programs of research within CARG.  Sonya is particularly passionate about developing interventions in neurodevelopmental disorders that are strengths-based and promote participation in major life areas (particularly employment and education), and understanding functioning using the International Classification of Functioning.  Sonya has many international collaborations in Europe and the United States.  Some of her most productive collaborations are with the Beitestolen Health Sports Centre (BHC) and the Karolinska Institute for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (KIND) in Stockholm. 

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