Jan Willem Gorter
Jan Willem Gorter

Jan Willem Gorter

Professor and Head of Pediatric Rehabilitation
University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands


Pediatric Physiatrist

Professor and Head of Pediatric Rehabilitation, University Medical Center Utrecht, location Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, and Prinses Maxima Center (pediatric oncology), Utrecht, The Netherlands 

Professor of Pediatrics (Part-Time), McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Editor-in-Chief of Child: Care, Health & Development

CanChild Scientist

Jan Willem has training in pediatric and adult rehabilitation medicine (physiatry) with a special clinical and research interest in transitional services and life course health development. His research focuses on the themes of family, function, friends & fun (daily activities and participation) with a special interest in physical activity promotion (fitness) and in transitions from adolescence to adulthood (future).


Jan Willem leads a research program that advances the knowledge of health development of people with disabilities and their families, including physical health and mental health, and that enhances their well-being through interventions carefully tailored, timed and integrated into health services. Jan Willem's research is frequently published in peer-reviewed articles in leading journals.

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